Brandon Benedict
Brandon wants to eat
Full Name Brandon Benedict
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Family Unnamed parents (deceased)
Luca Benedict (adoptive elder brother)
Relationships Madison (ex-girlfriend)
Zoey (girlfriend/lover)
Job Student
First Episode Wipeout (101)
Last Episode Flight (126)
Reason To discover exactly what happened to his father and mother
Portrayed By Andrew J. Morley

Brandon Benedict, outgoing and popular, is sort of a local celebrity. He's the best surfer in town—although Zoey's arrival in Lightning Point could change that. Brandon is fascinated by the mysterious new girl and her impressive surfing skills, and his girlfriend Madison takes an instant dislike to Zoey. Brandon teases his brother Luca for believing in UFOs and space aliens. Nothing like that could ever happen in Lightning Point..right? Brandon's birth parents supposedly disappeared at sea twelve years ago. He was adopted by Luca Benedict's parents and they now live together as brothers.


Character large brandon
Talented, competitive and good looking, Brandon seems to have it all – he's a great surfer and used to date Madison, also a surfer girl.But things are different when Zoey comes in to Lightning point, causing him and Madison to break up. After Brandon breaks up with Madison he starts falling for Zoey. Brandon dosen't notice at first but when he's outside with Zoey at his 17th birthday party something happens. Realizing that Zoey is the first person to understand his emotional side and that they're not so different he tries to romantically kiss her. Zoey retreats and walks away. Brandon has ambitions to become a pro-surfer, to travel and earn lots of money. For Brandon, surfing has nothing to do with spirituality and everything to do with status – it’s his ticket to bigger, better things. Brandon’s brotherly relationship with his adoptive older brother Luca has always been complicated – Brandon sees Luca as a bit of a geek, and Luca thinks Brandon is conceited. Brandon knows very little about his real parents aside from what he has heard from his adoptive parents – they were lost at sea in a tragic boating accident. The mysterious discovery of a boat that had been missing since the night of Brandon’s parents’ disappearance sparks Brandon’s investigation into his past. What he discovers has a huge impact on him – his parents weren’t killed, they were abducted by aliens. Armed with this knowledge, Brandon becomes bent on revenge – and his first targets are the aliens that he now believes are hiding out in Lightning Point. Brandon gets alien powers and sucks the energy out of Kiki, but doesn't know that Kiki and his current girlfriend Zoey are the aliens he wants to get revenge on Brandon's abduction of his parents. He even has a plasma card just like Kiki's and Zoey's plasma card. He got his powers by the plasma card. The plasma card was hidden in a toy lighthouse just like Lightning Points lighthouse. Luca found the lighthouse in a hidden capartment in Brandon's parents boat that Brandon found. Brandon is a hybrid of a human and an alien. Brandon wanted to go to Lumina with Zoey and Kiki, but wanted to stay on Earth and gave up his plasma card ownership abilities to Zoey so he could no longer recharge, and his Luminian powers would be gone for good.

Luminian Abilities and Powers (temporary)Edit

  • Great Telekinesis - To telekinetically move, leviate and control many inanimate objects or people with his mind alone.

    Brandon using his unusually strong telekinetic abilities.

  • Plasma Beams/blasts/bursts - Project incredibly strong and destructive plasma-like energy beams from his hands.
  • Energy Control & Manipulation - To control and manipulate a person's life-force energy levels and control them to his every whim.
  • Power/Ability Transfer - To transfer Lumina DNA to another Luminan (with the Plasma Card) to take ownership and control of a spaceship.
  • Short-distance Tracking- He can detect and sense the presence of people nearby; an ability similar to clairvoyance or scrying.


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Romantic relationshipsEdit