Season 1, Episode 6
Air Date (AUS)

27 July 2012

Air Date (US)

June 6th, 2012

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Max Dann


Colin Budds

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Alien Abduction

"Crushed" is the sixth episode in Season 1 of Alien Surf Girls. It first aired in the United States on June 6, 2012 and 27 July 2012 in Australia.


Luca asks Kiki out on a romantic date. But Kiki fears that getting romantically closer to Luca will force her to reveal her secret as an alien being from the planet Lumina.


Luca and Kiki have been growing more romantically closer and Amber is sick of being stuck in the middle! Finally, Luca asks Kiki out on a date – and Kiki can’t wait. Zoey thinks that love is a waste of time and sets off to follow up on some plasma card research, which may help unlock the mystery of why they came to Lightning Point. When Kiki arrives for the date, Luca is surprised to see what, or who, she brought along-his best friend Amber.

Luca is certain that Amber is jealous and there to spoil the fun. But when Kiki experiences the depth of her equally strong and true romantic feelings for Luca, she starts glowing uncontrollably in her plasma form – and Amber will have to bring the romantic date to an end. Will Luca buy her excuses?



Lightning Point Alien Surfgirls S1 E6 Crushed

Lightning Point Alien Surfgirls S1 E6 Crushed