"'Surfing is completely...alien to us."
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Keith Mitchell
Family Ties 1
Full Name Keith Mitchell
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Family Amber Mitchell (daughter)
Relationships Olivia Mitchell (ex-Wife)
First Episode Family Ties (116)
Last Episode Family Ties (116)
Portrayed By Craig McLachlan

Keith Mitchell is the father of Amber Mitchell and ex-husband of Olivia Mitchell. He currently lives in Hawaii. Amber and Olivia visited Keith once in Hawaii and Amber got a surf board therem. But Zoey broke it. He visits Amber in the episode Family Ties. He invites Amber to live with him in Hawaii, but Amber rejects the invitation. Amber's mom is still happy that the father visits her and Amber. Amber said to her mom that Zoey and Kiki are on his side of the family and Amber said to her dad that Zoey and Kiki were on the mom's side of the family.

Keith is portrayed by Craig McLachlan.