"Sorry. I think I need to recharge."

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Nickname(s) Kiki
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark brown
Family Unknown Parents
Relationships Luca Benedict (love interest/boyfriend)

Zoey (best and close friend)
Amber Mitchell (best friend)

Job Student

Waitress at The Diner

First Episode Wipeout (101)
Last Episode Flight (126)
Portrayed By Jessica Green

Kiki is new in town—and new on the planet. Sensitive and curious, she's fascinated by Lightning Point, and wants to experience everything it has to offer. She loves connecting with nature (especially on a surfboard), and getting to know the local creatures, human and otherwise. She wants to understand what it really means to be human. Kiki often feels homesick for Lumina, but when she starts to fall for Amber's best friend, Luca, she realizes that staying on Earth a little longer might not be so bad. Kiki isn't the only Luminan stranded on Earth... she has her best and closest friend Zoey to keep her company.


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Kiki wants to experience everything Earth can offer: adventure, friendship, surfing, romance. Unlike Zoey, Kiki gets swept along by her emotions, she wants to feel everything – even if her reactions are sometimes a bit out of the ordinary – you can count on Kiki to burst into tears at the slightest provocation, and laugh just as easily. Kiki is a bit of a dreamer, in tunie with the natural world of Lightning Point. She recognizes that there is more to their journey than just having fun – that somehow it is important to really understand what it is to be human – and this means trying to connect with the new world around her. When Kiki discovers she can affect the aura of animals in Lightning Point she is amazed – there are no animals on Lumina so this is something totally new to her. Surfing for Kiki is also about connecting with nature – she doesn’t share Zoey’s competitive spirit, but is more about being at one with the ocean – an experience that waterless Lumina can’t provide her with. Kiki finds herself falling for Amber’s best friend Luca – something she is hesitant to tell Zoey, who disapproves of relationships with humans, believing that it puts them in jeopardy of being discovered. But Kiki is a romantic, and can’t help the way she feels, even though she is afraid of how Luca would react if he ever found out the truth. While Kiki loves being on Earth, she often feels homesick for Lumina – and has a sense of responsibility to the people there, especially her family. But as Kiki grows closer to Luca and becomes more and more immersed in the friendships and experiences that Earth has to offer, she finds herself hoping they can stay on Earth a little longer.Kiki and Zoey sometimes don’t see things the same way –there is a lot of playful competitiveness and banter between them. Kiki finds Zoey a bit brash and unthinking at times, and Zoey gets frustrated by Kiki's emotionality and lack of practicality. But Kiki is the only person who can see past Zoey's emotional wall – and deep down she knows she couldn’t survive on Earth without her.

Luminian Abilities Edit

  • Alien-surf-girls-sneak-clip-2

    Kiki using her energy-controlling/manipulating abilities.

    Transformation and Shapeshifting 
    - To transform her entire physical body into a solid plasma form and human-looking form as well as go under doors and move quicky; similar to the ability of short-range teleportation.
  • Plasma Beams/blasts - Shoot incredibly strong and destructive beams and blasts of pure plasma-like energy from her hands.
  • Great Telekinesis - Levitate, move, and control multiple inanimate objects and people telekinetically with her mind alone.
  • Energy Control & Manipulation - To change a person's energy power-levels and control them or absorb energy from a person or give another Luminan energy to survive.
  • Short-distance Tracking - Finding a person very close, precious, and dear to her and in quite a strong romantic relationship; an ability similar to clairvoyance or scrying.


  • (Not completely true, in the episode "Connections" Kiki said that 'Luminans sometimes have the power to sense other people, even across huge distances.' so it would not be short distance tracking.) -LillieSteele777 <3