Luca Benedict
Character large luca
Full Name Luca Benedict
Gender Male
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Black
Family Brandon Benedict (adoptive younger brother)
Relationships Kiki (Girlfriend/Lover)
Job Student
First Episode Wipeout (101)
Last Episode Flight (126)
Reason To protect Kikki and Zoey from any harm of humans
Portrayed By Kenji Fitzgerald

Luca Benedict is Amber's best friend, and has been since they were little kids. He's fascinated with extraterrestrial life, and believes a UFO landed in Lightning Point the night of the big storm. Luca's adopted brother, Brandon, teases him for believing in aliens, so Luca is desperate to prove, once and for all, that they exist.

As Luca knows Kiki is an alien being from another world , he decided to keep her secret safe.


Luca is a bit of an outsider in Lightning Point – he doesn’t surf, he isn’t part of the A-list crowd led by his cocky adopted brother Brandon, and he has a keen interest in extra-terrestrial life – which makes him an easy target for Brandon and his mates. Amber is the only person who really understands Luca – they have been friends and neighbors since they were little.

Luca has a lot to offer – he is kind, thoughtful, and has a sweet nature which immediately attracts Kiki, who sees his potential. Luca and Kiki share an affinity with animals, as well as a connection with the natural world. Luca is also intelligent and studious, with a talent for science and with technology – and is very good at reading people’s emotions.

Luca has lived a lot of his life in Brandon’s shadow – and though Luca tries to get along with him, Brandon’s antagonistic nature makes that tricky. Luca sometimes feels a bit envious of the closeness Brandon has with Luca’s dad – especially since Brandon is the adopted child. Luca sees Brandon as overbearing and superficial, and Brandon thinks Luca is a bit of a wimp. This is not the case at all – Luca has a great deal of courage, and is definitely not a pushover – he will stand up for what he believes in no matter what.

When Zoey and Kiki arrive in Lightning Point, Luca witnesses signs of alien activity, and becomes determined to investigate these occurrences – despite Brandon’s teasing. As Luca and Kiki grow closer, Luca’s conviction about the presence of aliens becomes stronger - little does he know that the girl he is romantically falling for is from outer space.

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