Lumina is a distant world in the galaxy located far from Earth. It is the home planet of Zoey and Kiki, along with other Luminians. The planet Lumina appears to be incredibly more technologically advanced than Earth, by the technology Zoey and Kiki use. In Good Vibrations, Zoey mentions how Earth's technology is below Lumina's.


Lumanians are the known species and inhabitants of Lumina. They are powered with many special alien abilities and with smarts. They don't understand true feelings and emotions but Zoey and Kiki do due to their human bodies. When Luminans experience feelings for the first time, they start unleashing their powers that come out of control. For love, Luminans take a special test to match them and get loved together. Luminans' energy levels get affected with Earth's atmosphere. So they use the special alien technology plasma card to recharge their energy levels. Luminans have telekinetic powers and transform to their true alien form or there human looking form. Luminans enjoy surfing but they don't surf in actually real waves, but understand a lot about surfing. Luminans as friends summon stars and blow them to the person and give him/her a freshing piece of energy feeling. Luminans don't celebrate birthdays as heard in Family Ties. So Zoey and Kiki share Amber's birthday.

Luminan Abilities and PowersEdit

  • Transformation/Shapeshifting - To transform their entire physical body into pure plasma to a human-looking one. In early episodes when a microwave is activated, the microwave makes the Luminan turn into their plasma form for five seconds and transform back to their borrowed human form. The microwave interference has become inconsistent since then as Zoey herself operated a microwave in later episodes. The plasma form can travel fast and go under doors.
  • Incredible Telekinesis - To move objects or people with their mind or crush them.
  • Energy Control & Manipulation - Luminans can see and control someone's life-force energy levels. Luminans can go into their true plasma form to recharge another Luminan.
  • Long-distance Tracking - To find a person close to them that they are close to.
  • Supercharging - To control and power up either Earth or Luminan technology.
  • Plasma Blasts-Project incredibly powerful and destructive plasma-like energy blasts and plasma bursts from hands.

Is lumina a real planet? We may never know