"Well, if you're gonna be my friend, you've got to learn to play by my rules."
Madison to Zoey in Microwave

Madison orders Brandon
Full Name Madison
Nickname(s) Maddie (by Brandon)
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Relationships Brandon (ex-boyfriend)
Job Student
First Episode Wipeout (101)
Last Episode Flight (126)
Portrayed By Paige Houden

Madison considers herself the hottest girl in Lightning Point, so she's not thrilled when two beautiful surfers named Kiki and Zoey show up on her turf. Madison is used to getting what she wants, and she's not about to let anything threaten her place in the social hierarchy. When Madison senses sparks between her boyfriend, Brandon, and Zoey, she'll do anything to make Zoey look bad... but she has no idea she's picking a fight with a space alien.


Madison is the self-proclaimed queen of the waves in Lightning Point, and is the centre of a formidable social circle which includes her ex-boyfriend Brandon and her best friend Gina. She is a surfer, but more for her image than a real love of the ocean. Madison comes from a rich, influential family in Lightning Point, and is not used to being told “no”. Madison is quick to judge, closed-minded and vain. But she is also intelligent, charming and inventive – traits she usually uses to get what she wants. Madison has always looked down her nose at Amber. When Zoey and Kiki turn up, Madison’s delicate social hierarchy is threatened – not only does Amber suddenly have cool friends, but Zoey seems to have chemistry with Brandon, and Madison is definitely not going to stand for that. Madison will have to learn to adapt, because Zoey and Kiki are not about to be told where to sit in Mia’s Diner, or who they are allowed to talk to. Under Madison’s perfectly-manicured exterior is a person who has some serious self-doubt: Madison may seem to have created the perfect little world for herself – but does she actually have any talent or any real friends? When Madison dumps Brandon and finds herself alone, she begins to question herself. Zoey and Kiki help challenge Madison’s supremacy, giving Amber the courage she needs to stand up to her, and making Madison realise that there is more to life than being a big fish in a small pond.