Luminans are plasma that are known to be pinkish with levitation. Luminans can transform from their human looking form to their plasma form very quickly. They use their form to get to places very fast and slide under doors sort of like teleportation. On Earth, when a microwave is activated, it seems the microwave hacks into their form so they turn into their plasma form for about 5 seconds. The plasma form can protect themselves from attacks when Liam tried to attack Zoey and Kiki in their plasma form and Kiki shot a plasma beam at Liam to protect them. Luminans must recharge with their plasma cards to power up their powers on Earth. If Luminans recharge too much, they release their energy out of their body. When recharging, if a Luminan is recharging with their plasma card while during a storm, they get sucked into the lightning and gets attracted to other luminans that are recharging and deactivate technology near the lightning. The plasma form can support another Luminan if the Luminan is dead by recharging them.