The Plasma Card is the main tool Zoey and Kiki use to survive in Lightning Point. Very little is known about the card's power, but Zoey and Kiki rely on it numerous times. The plasma card is used for Luminans on Lumina  According to Zoey, it is the key to everything. The plasma card's known abilities are to drive spaceships and cloak them, to recharge Zoey and Kiki, and to project a holographic computer for research and other purposes.Brandon has a black plasma card, almost the same as Zoey and Kiki's almost except Black. He found the plasma card in his childhood toy lighthouse and zapped him to give him his luminan powers. The black plasma card seems to be stronger than Zoey and Kiki's Plasma Cards, only Brandon can use it for holographic research and recharging his powers of telekinetics and other luminan powers. The Plasma Card also has the ability to cloak ideas of the plasma cards direction of the glow and then can un-cloak them where the same place you cloak them. Brandon's plasma card is ancient and hasn't been used in Lumina for years. For recharging with the plasma card, only recharge when you need to recharge, don't recharge all the time like Brandon did, he recharge 5 to 6 times to recharge and then he became overcharged and released his energy in the Dinner.Quello che vogliono dire e' che la plasma card e' un a cosa pericolosissima specialmente quella nera👿😈


  • Recharging - Ability to recharge a Luminan's powers from Earth's atmosphere by creating a dome of energy
  • Alien Headquarters - To research information from their plasma card with holographic images
  • Spaceship Control - To call or control the Luminan's spaceship
  • Tracker - A Luminan can track a plasma card from a distance away.
  • Cloaking - To summon a charge of shining light to cloak an object or person and make it disappear and be unclcoked by pointing to the object and uncloaking it back.
  • Lightning Attraction - The plasma card attracts lightning. When a Luminan uses a plasma card to recharge, the lightning zaps in and captures the Luminan in the storm with Luminan plasma around it. But when it strikes, all electricity is shutdown and when the lightning is gone, the electricity comes back. Since Brandon is Half Luminan, he recharged during a storm and he was almost killed, but Zoey saved him.