Season 1 of Alien Surf Girls consisted of twenty-six episodes.

Episodes 1-26Edit

  1. Wipeout
  2. Microwave
  3. Wires Crossed
  4. Feelings
  5. Good Vibrations
  6. Crushed
  7. Alien Abduction
  8. Risky Business
  9. The Cane Field
  10. Circle of Friends
  11. Close Encounter
  12. Kiki Revealed
  13. Space Ship
  14. Distracted
  15. Poles Apart
  16. Family Ties
  17. Alien Attraction
  18. See the Light
  19. Vanished
  20. Power Up
  21. Heartbreak
  22. Connections
  23. Surf's Up
  24. Meltdown
  25. Investigation
  26. Flight

Lightning Point: The Movie:Edit

This movie it was exactly what was expected and that is a compilation of episodes from the series.It seems apparent the reason why this movie has been compiled is because there will not be a second season of Lightning Point. This movie was made because the makers wasted to do something that complimented the first season.This is a case of presenting the entire series of 26 episodes as one movie. Obviously 26 half hour episodes cannot fitted in a 90 minute movie. So what was done was to present the movie with the scenes to the story arc about Kiki and Zoey finding a way to get back home and Brandon finding out about his own alien origin. Storylines that did not complement the story arc are not included in the movie such as Amber getting a visit from her father and the surfing competition. The movie avoids any repetition of explanations, something that is unavoidable with a series of 26 episodes. An example of this is the cover story of Kiki and Zoey being Amber’s distant relatives which was mentioned by Luca in place of Amber explaining to her mother that they were relatives on her father’s side of the family undoubtedly being consistent with the scenes of the father’s visit and any mention of him was excluded from the movie. The movie has the scene in which Madison recognised the original form of Kiki and Zoey but without who they actually were. Madison was able to recognise them in their original forum because earlier in the series she had seen before the original Zoey form but this earlier scene was not included in the movie. So within the context of the movie there is no explanation why Madison happened to recognise the original Kiki and Zoey forms. In fact Madison is the only principal character who is a casualty in this movie appearing for a few minutes in total. This is perhaps not surprising since most of her scenes in the series is her rivalry with Zoey and therefore wasn’t pertinent to the movie presenting the series’ overall story arc. It is not just Madison that was the only casualty of the movie but revelatory scenes also did not get to be included perhaps because these scenes just didn’t fit in with the movies. Here are examples that came to mind:

  • Brandon explaining to Zoey that he and Luca are not blood brothers and this very fact is represent instead by Amber’s mother Olivia mentioning to Brendon his real parents shortly after the boat was discovered.
  • The movie excludes Luca’s reaction on seeing for the first time Kiki transforming from her alien origin to her human self and him finding out Kiki and Zoey being aliens was represented in the movie with the scene in which Amber came clean with him on this.
  • The boat owner explaining what he remembers of Brandon’s parents is not included in the movie and mention of him was used instead.
  • It is perhaps not essential but I mention it anyway, the movie does not include the scene when Kiki got her job at the diner, the movie just presents her job out of her nowhere.

It was rather a nifty idea to compile a movie out of existing material from a complete series of episodes and I applaud this effort was done even if the end results were not totally satisfying.

-Matt See